Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Time For Everything!

I'm new to this "blogging" idea and not sure if this is going to work out for me! I have several friends that are religious bloggers and I love to read theirs so I decided to give it a try! I'm a third grade teacher and I am married to a sweet sports and recreation director. We both love to work with kids and plan to have our own someday! As for now we have three sweet fur babies: Junior the chihauhau, Brody the lab and Rascal the fat, white cat. My husband and I just moved into a new home about a month or two ago and I am having a great time decorating and making the house "ours." Here are a few pictures of our new house and our sweet children.


  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you here! I am your first follower!

  2. Welcome to blogging! I saw you on The Cobia Fa,ily and stopped by! I love your new home! It's so cute!

  3. I saw you on The Cobia Family and wanted to say hi! I hope you have fun blogging! xo